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Anyone got the 33.0804.2060.204 Update for Zenfone 9?

Star I
So im one of the few people who managed to unlock their zenfone 9s bootloader before the unlock tool went down. This also means that i no longer get any OTA updates. That dont bother me, i almost always update my phones manually with the files available from the brands website. Thing is, the "newest" update available for the zenfone 9 on ASUS website is .142 update which i currently have. My issue is that the .142 update is roughly 7 months behind on the security patches. It is in fact NOT the newest update available, thats the .204 version which for some reason was only published as an OTA. That is NOT okay on a phone that cost me almost 800 euro. Ive contacted Asus support but no answer from them so far. So i guess ill also check here while i wait. Maybe someone has dumped it from their phone or something.

Star III

Same issue here. There are already a few threads about the same question. No solution so far and Asus completely ignoring that. Contacted the support a few times but they do not really care and are not willing to help. So, it seems that we have to live with the fact of spending a few hundred € for a premium phone without any further support. Thanks for nothing Asus.