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Android 14, Media Playback Bug in Lock Screen and Notification Control Panel Tray Bug

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Okay so, I have updated my Zenfone 9 to Android 14, and so far I have been enjoying it. But then, what bothers me the most is that in lock screen, usually you don't need to unlock to be able to control your media. But somehow in this Android 14 version, you must unlock your device, then you can control your media. Please fix this in the next update! And also, it also has bugs when you open the notification tray with zero notifications. The control panel are all bugged as can be seen in my screenshot. 


This is our last android major update, so please for the next update fix these things! Thank you so much!


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Thank you so much ASUS team! Turns out that you guys fixed every problem that we all discovered. When there are no notifications, the control panel is not bugged. Then on the lock screen, you don't need to unlock it to be able to control the media like on the last android version. Well done! thank you do much for the support!



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Found another one, you can also see in this screenshot, where you actually cannot control the song slider (the one which allows you to play a certain part of the song). Please fix this because it really becomes a pet peeve for me

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Hi @Mansi_ASUS please fix it

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I think it only happens with Spotify, because I've tried other streaming service (KKBOX) and it does not have the same problem. I've also found another bug where in extended notification panel, it does not show the complete day and date. You can see on the screenshot that I attach here


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So what I meant was, in the last android version of Zenfone 9, when you are playing music, then the music control can be accessed (on that particular position that I drew) whether the device is locked or unlocked. So why did you guys remove it? Please bring it back because it's actually a good feature.

Now for Spotify's playback, I think I haven't found any issues anymore. I think it was Spotify's problem, not your problem. Thank you so much!