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5g network not working

Star II

Problem is I can only get 4G. I have already:

checked the coverage map,

restarted the phone,

reinserted the SIM card,

and made sure 5G was on.

  • None of it worked. Please help.
  • Model Name:ASUS_AI2202
  • Firmware Version:
  • Rooted or not: Not root
  • Frequency of Occurrence:
  • APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):


Hi @bibek28 

We're so sorry to hear you're having issues with the 5G. Is your carrier T-Mobile? 

If so, you should be able to have 5G coverage. Please reach out to your carrier and see if they can offer any insight. Sometimes they will also switch out your SIM card to make sure there are no issues there. 

Thank you! 

Sir i check everything  but same problem,My Asus Zenfone 9 only 4g ++   5g network not working 

Rising Star I

From Singapore, am on circles Life carrier and I have 5G. Could you try manually selecting carrier and see if there is a 5G icon next to your selected carrier when the list of available networks are shown? 

Star II

I am in Dubai.I already try to manually 5g ,but same problem not working