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. 142 update dropping reception

Rising Star II

Hi asus

This new . 142 update that's has come through 

I don't know what you have done but now the phone is loosing reception regularly. 

It literally looses the reception for a minute and then finds it again. At one point it even rebooted it self


I'm on the telstra network in Australia. 


Also VoLte seems to have stopped working now too. 


Star III

im about to download this update, but thanks to you, just paused the download in time, did you try to clear the cache??? please let me know if anything improve after clearing the cache memory. 

Rebooting the phone makes the VoLte appear. I've also noticed that the WiFi calling option is available now with this update. I've turned that off as it wasn't showing up or working anyway. I'll see if that  is causing an issue. 

Rising Star II

OK it looks like the WiFi calling option is causing an issue in this update. When I enable it I experience reception issue. Also VoLte icon disappears etc. As soon as I disable wifi calling everything seems to be ok

Star I

Same issue here, the latest update seemed to enable vowifi, but it doesn't work. Every time I connect to a wifi my mobile connection drops and reconnects constantly, draining the battery in the process. 

I've turned the wifi calling feature off and it seems to be working fine.

I called Telstra and we tested it on another device, wifi calling is working fine on my old device. 

Also called Asus support, they were pretty useless and just recommended to do a factory reset.