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Zenfone8:SubPar battery life and phone Body heating up beyond comfortable at hand

Star I
Hi, have anyone here facing the battery issue where in 12 hrs, need to charging the phone 3-4 times. The usage of the phone is mainly for whatsapp messaging and occasionally camera.
I found th battery is ridiculously draining fast.
When using camera, the body is heating up sharply, i barely can use the camera beyond 5 minutes as the heat is unbearable. the same thing happen when i am in video call.
Thanks in advance


Star III
Happened to me too. One minute everything is fine, the next one phone heats up and battery drains ~ 1-2% every 10 minutes without doing anything with it.
Restart fixed it for me. Seemed to be related to mobile data/signal. Used data on sim 2 for a 30 minute meeting at that time. Signal was full 4g+

Star II
I have the same. Compare to my old s10 lite it is really not acceptable

Star III
I'm in the first days of using the Zenfone 8, and the main problem up to now with the battery is the fact that it doesn't seem to get into deep doze, so the idle drain is way too high .

If we could get a way of diagnosing this so it can be fixed, the idle drain would be much better. Otherwise the battery performance is bad enough I may have to return the phone, since once of the main reasons for me getting it is the 4000 mah battery.

Star I
Got the same issue during whatsapp video call, phone got very hot. I did feedback to asus, don't think any of its suggestions was helpful.