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Zenfone8 crashing regularly on phone calls

Star I
My Zenfone 8 is crashing regularly when making phone calls.
Android version is 12
Patch level 5th August 2022
There's a screen shot of the software version.
I've had VoLTE enabled, I'll try disabling that to see if that makes any difference.
In any case a phone should NOT crash during a phone conversation.
This is a pretty serious issue for a phone to have, for example should it crash during an emergency call the consequences could be catastrophic and life threatening, rather than just extremely annoying.


Star I
I'm also with Telstra

Star II
Telstra VoLTE worked fine on my Galaxy S9, so it would be weird if it's a Telstra-specific problem rather than a Zenfone 8 problem

Star I
You can't blame a carrier for a phone crash, regardless of what their service is doing, the phone shouldn't crash as a result.
You might expects faults with the carrier to cause dropped calls, or data connectivity issues, but having the phone turn to a brick for a couple of minutes before rebooting is not a carrier issue.

Star II
I wish it was just a couple of minutes before rebooting.
My phone bricked itself seemingly permanently this morning.
I will never buy an ASUS product again, what absolute rubbish they produce.

Rising Star I
Never had this issue and I call people for up to two hours on occasion. Seems like an unstable connection to me, connected to Telstra. German Telekom here.