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ZenFone 8 died suddenly

Star II

My phone joined the ongoing list of bricked ZenFone 8 phones last week while travelling (added a whole new layer of difficulty to the trip as I could not access my bank account or email or anything, luckily I was not travelling solo and had a credit card with me).

Purchase date: June 2022

Bricked date: April 2024

Country purchased in: Australia

Serial #: M4A**********

Not rooted 

I was taking pictures at the time and the phone just went black screen on me.  The battery was sitting around 15% at the time.  I have tried multiple combinations of the power button and volume down, power button and volume up, holding the power button on for 60 seconds, plugged it in using the charging cable that came with the phone and the red charging led light flashed a few times before going non responsive as well, left it on the charger overnight and still non responsive, tried holding the power button on while unplugging and plugging in the charging cable, I've plugged the cable that came with the phone into my battery pack and the battery pack seems to drain while the phone is attached but nothing happens when I try any of the buttons on the phone, the phone feels warm so the battery is charging but the charging percentage screen on the phone does not display - the screen has been completely black since the day it died last week, the led charging light is not on and the phone is completely non responsive to all buttons.

I just want my photos, I don't care about the phone itself as I was planning on upgrading anyways (I had been looking at the newer ZenFone models but will be looking elsewhere now, wish I could go back to Sony but they've stopped selling phones in Australia which was why I chose the ZenFone 8 in the first place).

I've added to this topic as well:

Please Asus just help me get my data back


Still i need to see what device manager shows in windows, if warranty is over you may have to open it short 2 pins together and then you enter edl mode with that we can try to flash a and OTA update maybe it will work then