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Zenfone 8 died 4 months after warranty - most likely mother board issue

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I have bought the top version of the Zenfone 8 16/256 back in August 2021. On New Year 01.01.2024 phone froze, and after hard reset, it didn't turn on again, and no life can be seen, no charge light, no hard reset, nothing 😞 So phone died 4 months after warranty ended 😞

MFD: 2021.04

Had a quick chat with CS on the diagnostics and possible cost of mother board and, the cost would reach up to 700 EUR 😮

Am I at fault that i trusted Asus with their phones? And now i have really expensive brick?

Can the phone be fixed somehow? Can Asus help, if this is related to faulty motherboards (or solder on it)?

Or Asus can only help me with the 700EUR receipt (a price of a brand new phone almost ;( )


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Yesterday I also encountered this problem. I put the phone on the desk, came back after a few minutes and it was already turned off and did not respond to the buttons and charger. On the one hand, I would like to repair it, but I am afraid that the data on the phone will be lost. The phone was purchased in November 2021, the warranty ended in November 2023, i.e. just two months after the warranty expired, the phone died.