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wifi not work zenfone 8 after android 13 upgrade

exactly 1 year of using asus zenfone 8 suddenly wifi doesn't work, hotspot doesn't work, and GPS doesn't work properly. all this started when I upgraded to android 13.

the warranty has ended suddenly an event like this happened. can I get an additional warranty?

previously I never experienced problems while using android 12



According to what you described, please refer to the following FAQ to try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problem first. 
If the issue persists, I have PM you for confirming Wi-Fi issue details.
Could you please check the PM inbox at the top right corner of the screen and kindly provide the requested information?
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Rising Star I

GPS issue is very common in asus 8z.. most users including me have the same issue 

Star II

I'm afraid i'm in the same boat. my Zenfone 8 was automatically upgraded and I lost wifi, tried to go back to android 12 as suggested in some other threads but it didn't work - now my phone is locked and i cannot bypass google FRP because there is no internet connection (my simcard needs an apn setting, and the wifi doesn't work 😞)

now I have a very pricy paperweight... tried to reach out to asus but my phone is out of warrenty, hope to get an answer soon. if anyone has a way to solve it - please advise.


Regarding the issue you have reported, please refer to the following FAQ to see if the situation can be resolved. 
If the issue persists, we kindly request you to send your phone for repair to further investigate the matter. Once you obtain the RMA number, please provide it to me so that I can notify the service center about your case. 

I have sent you a message, you can provide your contact information and RMA No through the message.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.