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Wifi calling / VoWifi for Orange PL and other networks.

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I'd like to ask if there is any work in progress on enabling wifi calling for Orange PL or other providers on Zenfone 8? It seems to not function at all in Poland. I saw some threads regarding T-Mobile supporting wifi calling for this phone but a lot of people complained it doesn't work properly anyway. So changing the carrier is also not an option.
If you're advertising your product as a premium device without support for such important feature it would be very disappointing. Nothing has changed since the phone release.
This needs to be sorted out. Otherwise I will sell the phone and never buy anything else made by Asus if the post sale support is none in this matter.
Waiting for a reply.
Best regards,


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I dont think its a codec issue. It should be a bandwidth issue caused by either instability or switching network. When you make a longer call again, put the phone on speaker and look at your network connection, see if it drops completely when you loose sound in those seconds.

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It happens both in VoLTE and VoWiFI, no matter where I am, with full signal or not. It happens only when I make call (when I recieve call everything is ok), and whem both phones uses VoLTE, also distortion are starting always after the same amount of time.

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You have info is this new certification process? Or you talking about old one - from which we lost VoWifi and VoLTE function?

I describe problem on his thread :

On Orange PL forum is voting to re-certificate Z8. You can vote here:ły/Asus-Zenfone-8-dodanie-VoLTE-oraz-VoWiFi/idi-p/318389

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I think they were referring to the old certification (lost support).
I hope this vote on Orange forum will change anything but honestly I doubt a few votes will do that. I think Asus has to begin a new certification process by contacting Orange.

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Can someone from Asus respond to the questions I asked in my first message please?

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As a temporary solution @arielsajda proposed the following:
1. You need an orange supported VoLTE phone . Put your sim card in it and enable volte and Vowifi. Make a test call with airplane mode on to ensure it works.
2. Put your card into Zenfone, input the code *#*#3642623344#*#* into dialer
3. Enable volte Vowifi in settings and it should work. If not, disable and enable again.
It seems we just need to first enable the features on a phone that is actually certified.
Thank you once again @arielsajda !

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It worked for a few days and now stopped again. Probably due to missing certification Orange turned it off.
Still waiting for a response from Asus, will anyone respond on this matter please?