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WHEN will the Unlock Device App work again?

Star III

Dear ASUS employee,

please give us a appr. date of the server working again when the unlocking app is works!!!

We don't understand why you could not give an annoucement to the user the forum flooded with the not working unlocking app questions.

Regards:  from Hungary


Star III

Server maintenance has been going on for a month, if it hasn't been fixed in that time, there are serious problems in the heads.

dear asus, i am using zenfone 8 and i have the same problem since june 2023 first week. the official unlock tool (apk) does not work and the "oem unlocking" option is not present AT ALL in developer options.


what is going on asus? i need to unlock bootloader and install custom rom. you have locked me into your ecosystem. get the or whatever server up and running or get rid of it altogether so that people neednt contact asus server for bootloader unlock!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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