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We want android 14

Rising Star I

Android 14 is comming soon(already in beta). Is there a chance that asus zenfone 8 will get it ? 


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It would be great to receive Android 14. For the price I paid and the fact that I had quite a lot of problems with this phone I could reconcile myself with Asus... 

Mister, we will 100% not get any Android 14 for Zenfone 8. Never in plans. Speaking for myself would be very happy getting stable Android 13, without basic problems.

It's a pity. Asus released finally a reasonable phone, not a shovel and does not plan to support it? For the price they wanted for this phone they should support it. I know this is not an Apple, but not liking apples should not determine time of support ... And even if thinking about buying Zenfone 10 it is definitely a shovel or a frying pan .... not a usable phone for person with small hands. Not only men need phones ....

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Yes, we want!