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VoLTE/WiFi calling (in Poland)

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Are you planning to include volte service in Poland? Soon they will switch off our 3g and the phone will be thrown away. this is not a small problem. please deal with the polish operators

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I'm bumping it up, maybe someone can hear us  ? still not working on android  13 @Irene2_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS

Hello everyone,


ZF8 does support VoLTE and VoWifi on Android 13. Can you please help us out with this ifo:


1. The system version
2. could you give more details on how it's not working for you
3. How can we reproduce this issue?
4. Does the problem happen in specific locations? 


Thank you! 


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currently volte alone does not work, wifi calling works. My operator (orange) explains this by the fact that it is impossible to get along with you. I have to enter the code  every time I switch on the phone for it to work wifi calling.unfortunately volte does not work, it worked for a while. please do something about it my operator will soon switch off the 3g network.currently volte is not working at all.volte does not work in any location

it really is no longer funny, it was a flagship phone and soon I will be left talking over a 2g network


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Up. Njumobile/Orange is going to demise 3g network in 2 months.

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Też bym był wdzięczny jak bo ktoś coś z tym zrobił, właśnie kupiłem Zenfone 10 i w Orange niestety nie działa 😞