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VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8

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Hi all,
Does anyone know if we can expect enabling VoLTE and Wifi Calling in european networks? I can only see in settings that icons for these options are available to enable at notification bar:

Also as call quality is quite poor, can we expect some improvement with software updates as enabling HD Voice codecs?
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Hello anybody testing volte in Poland in t- mobile ?

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In T-mobile pre-paid, also VOLTE does not work.

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Dear Asus moderators,

If you have some kind of 'wishlist' what carriers should be included in your work with adding VoLTE/VoWiFi, please include Orange PL there 🙂

I can see that in last FW version some Czech and German networks were included - close enough to Poland 😜



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Yes, our teams across the world are continously/concurrently working with as many operators as possible for implementation, validation and verification of VoLTE.
Hopefully we can add as many as possible - as fast as possible. Over the past 2 years we've added quite many already.


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I'm on ATT in the US. Any idea if I will get voLTE or 5G on the Zenfone 8 or 8 flip? If not, in January I will have to part with my beloved Z6 and try to find something I like as much. 😥

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Stay tuned for when Zenfone 8 officially arrives to the US.
We've certified VoLTE for both ZF6 and ROG series with AT&T in the past year.

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Same phone call quality problem over here in Lithuania using TELE2. Just different thing from other comments, people on the other side can hear me loud and clear, the issue is only on my side.

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Asus zenfone still not support HD voice for Polish operators. I'm little not happy. Phone is great but this subject is really needed otherwise people will return phones.
Please do Your best.