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Unable to pay with Google pay using zenfone 8

Rising Star I
Anyone been able to use Google pay with A12 on zenfone 8? I keep getting please present 1 card on the POS machine where I do my transaction. I am on .107 and can use Google pay for online transaction in Singapore. I can use nfc for headphone pairing so I know the nfc works. I tried clearing cache and storage. I also tried force stop and disabling. I also tried to remove cards and add them again. Any help?

Android 12
Google pay version: 2.141.420849731


Star I

I have the same problem, in Brazil.
Zenfone 8
Android 12
FW: 31.1010.0411.160
Google pay version: 2.167.493075299

I also have the same problem and I've had it for more than a year now. 

Czech Republic 

Zenfone 8

Android 13 - was hoping the update from A12 to A13 would fix this, but nothing changed. Very frustrating, feels like two steps back having to carry around my credit card everywhere. 😕

Upgrading to zenfone 9 worked for me. I am really thankful that it worked with my z9. Now, I don't carry my wallet anymore. Phew! 

Updating the status of my problem with NFC:
I sent the zenphone 8 to ASUS for repair. They changed the main board (within warranty period).
Google wallet is working now. I can make payments with NFC. It was probably a hardware problem.