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To Asus and all owners of a dead Zenfone 8

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By now is it clear the Asus Zenfone 8 has a weakness when it comes to its motherboard. Phones are dying in very comparable situations; after installing an update or patch and/ or when charging. The died phones show the same state: a sudden black screen, no response on buttons or screen, sometimes an orange fast blinking LED for about ten seconds when the charger is attached, after which also this stops blinking. Even the life duration of the phones are alike when this happens;  around two years.  Some people are lucky that it can be repaired under warranty, most aren't when warranty has just expired.

All of the phones which were repaired received a new motherboard. So also in here the fix seems comparable. Or at least not repairable with a soldering or partial replacement of other components. There is no wide variety of repairs to be found on ZenTalk on this. 

This issue goes beyond individual or even wrong use, a single faulty or unfortunate phone. All phones that died did this in comparable situations and after comparable life times. There is something wrong with the design or components of the Zenfone 8, or at least a batch, which can't be put on warranty alone when it comes to a repair. 

Asus, please take this matter and your clients serious. At least more then you have proven till this date. Asus can't just address this matter with the initial question if the phone is still under the warranty. Asus does know what the technical issues are with these phones, so please then also take your responsibility. Asus put this premium phone on the market at a premium price. This comes with an expected life duration that goes beyond a hard line of just 24 months. Warranty is for specific situations. These dying Zenfones are not specific. It is a general issue. So please handle it as such.

Can Asus confirm that they will keep addressing issues regarding these dying Zenfones as individual technical matters? And thus with warranty as strict and main component to define if Asus or customers are financially responsible for further action? And if so, what is their response to these resembling dying phones that Asus will keep holding onto this strict warranty duration when it is clear customers can't be held responsible for their broken Zenfones, since they die during normal use or especially after installing new and updated Asus firmware?

To all users of a died Zenfone 8: please add your phone to this thread, when it died (lifetime) and on which occurence. 

Kind regards,

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With my limited technical knowledge about this matter is that it is the way the CPU is mounted on the board. Weak or just faulty. Their are some regions handy repair guys can fix this. Even with saving the data. Reballing or so is what I read. But opening the ZF in its own is already hard. Especially without damaging one and other. Seems to be glued properly for which Asus repair centers uses a dedicated machine for. So well done if you succeeded in this. 

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I didn't had ramdump but I had also mbo and camera issues. I think mfd was after the faulty badge. I have in it new motherboard but I'm still worried that ramdump will affect me.

@Ptaku  What year of mfd do you have? and what country of manufacture?  with me is inonesia  MFD 2021.12. so far the phone is working, but the warranty is coming to an end and i am wondering what to do with the phone. i am starting to fear that it will die. 

Make sure you have backups set up for apps, data and photos. Also have a spare phone - especially if you are travelling. 

My old phone (Nokia 7.2) is compler garbage that can't make calls. It's also laggy af.