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To Asus and all owners of a dead Zenfone 8

Rising Star I

By now is it clear the Asus Zenfone 8 has a weakness when it comes to its motherboard. Phones are dying in very comparable situations; after installing an update or patch and/ or when charging. The died phones show the same state: a sudden black screen, no response on buttons or screen, sometimes an orange fast blinking LED for about ten seconds when the charger is attached, after which also this stops blinking. Even the life duration of the phones are alike when this happens;  around two years.  Some people are lucky that it can be repaired under warranty, most aren't when warranty has just expired.

All of the phones which were repaired received a new motherboard. So also in here the fix seems comparable. Or at least not repairable with a soldering or partial replacement of other components. There is no wide variety of repairs to be found on ZenTalk on this. 

This issue goes beyond individual or even wrong use, a single faulty or unfortunate phone. All phones that died did this in comparable situations and after comparable life times. There is something wrong with the design or components of the Zenfone 8, or at least a batch, which can't be put on warranty alone when it comes to a repair. 

Asus, please take this matter and your clients serious. At least more then you have proven till this date. Asus can't just address this matter with the initial question if the phone is still under the warranty. Asus does know what the technical issues are with these phones, so please then also take your responsibility. Asus put this premium phone on the market at a premium price. This comes with an expected life duration that goes beyond a hard line of just 24 months. Warranty is for specific situations. These dying Zenfones are not specific. It is a general issue. So please handle it as such.

Can Asus confirm that they will keep addressing issues regarding these dying Zenfones as individual technical matters? And thus with warranty as strict and main component to define if Asus or customers are financially responsible for further action? And if so, what is their response to these resembling dying phones that Asus will keep holding onto this strict warranty duration when it is clear customers can't be held responsible for their broken Zenfones, since they die during normal use or especially after installing new and updated Asus firmware?

To all users of a died Zenfone 8: please add your phone to this thread, when it died (lifetime) and on which occurence. 

Kind regards,

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My UK bought bricked version was fixed in the Czech republic under the 2 year warranty.

I "think" they are saying that they will fix your motherboard under warranty, but that there is a broken/scratched etc. camera lens that will cost you 40 EUR to fix - a "broken" item isn't a warranty item.

If the lens is broken/scratched, I'd take this offer up as the motherboard on it's own is 500+ USD - and you will still have another year of your warranty.

Your English is much better than my Hungarian.

Star I

My ZenFone 8 was bought in Australia August 2021 and recently bricked itself while travelling internationally in March 2024. It suddenly died while at 80% charge while listening to music on a bus ride. Caused me a fair amount of grief being unable to access my finances, messages and maps.

Unless there is some kind of fix Asus will provide I don't think I'm ever looking at a ZenFone ever again. 

Your solution is to go back to your retailer and ask for an Australian Consumer Law refund. $1000 phone. 2.5 years is not an acceptable life for a premium phone - and - it's a well known flaw. 

My Zenfone 8 died in the same way after 2 years and few weeks, so guarantee expired.
My Serial Number : M5AIB7614951N3M - Registration Date: 2022-03-08
The technical support ask me around 100€ to check and verify throught a diagnostic...
But it seems useless after all this problems.
It's really sad, I had trusted in Asus Zenfone 8 before reading all these issues and my black screen. 
Not a good marketing strategy at all, cause now I have to admit with all my collegues thats an Iphone mini was the best solution...

This is the sad reply I received from Asus after I was asking for a technical solution:

(sorry it is in france)

Bonjour Monsieur Buonsante,
Nous sommes navrés des désagréments rencontrés avec votre produit ASUS.

Nous vous proposons de débrancher le chargeur et maintenir l'appui sur le bouton Marche / Arrêt pendant 20-30 secondes par la suite remettre le chargeur et tester.

Si la problématique persiste, nous vous proposons le retour de votre téléphone à nos ateliers pour diagnostic et réparation en hors garantie ci-dessous la procédure :

Pour renvoyer votre produit et le faire diagnostiquer par notre centre de réparation, merci de bien vouloir remplir le formulaire d’enlèvement à partir du lien suivant : (Vous pouvez choisir votre pays : France, Belgique ou Suisse)

Nous vous invitons à prendre connaissance de nos conditions générales de garantie ASUS.
Votre demande sera traitée sous un délai de 24h. Si celle-ci est validée, vous recevrez un mail comportant votre numéro d’accord de retour hors-garantie, ainsi que les instructions relatives à la procédure d’enlèvement.
A réception du produit, un diagnostic est effectué par l’un de nos techniciens. Un devis de réparation sera alors émis et envoyé directement par mail. En cas de refus, des frais de main d’œuvre et de transport resteront à votre charge. Ces frais peuvent varier selon la typologie de produit. Ils peuvent être d’un montant de 90,75 € TTC minimum.
Dès réception du paiement de ces frais, le produit vous sera retourné en l'état.
Nous restons toutefois disponibles si besoin.
Toute l’équipe ASUS France vous souhaite une excellente journée.

Star II

Mine died last night as well and I am really angry about this seeing all those posts on the internet with the same issue. That's definitely Asus fault and should be solved no matter if thy devices still have warranty or not.

I have an 5 old iPhone that works perfectly fine and an really old Redmi phone that I use now as spare phone which also works without issue. How they can do that but Asus can't. 

And what is really strange is that this happens mostly after around 2 years of use. Which to me sounds honestly like planned obsolescence.

We should come together and check if we can sue Asus for this in a class action lawsuit.