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speaker mode with AI noise reduction fails to transmit children voice

Star I


My problem is the same as the one in the closed topic

When I switch my Zenfone 8 to speaker mode in Call/WhatsApp/Skype, higher pitched voices are totally cut out. So the device is quite useless for family calls.

Voice recorder records all the voices perfectly even during these calls. So the only task of the developers would be to put a switch in the settings. Don't be so proud of your "feature" that you don't enable to turn it off.

After months of pointless e-mailing with the support still no promise that they work on this "feature". The question to Asus: should I buy another phone to be able to call my family?


Rising Star I

I can confirm that there is something completely wrong with the noise cancelling on regular phone calls! on speaker mode they it cancels very aggressively so it depends on what angle your phone is in front of you and for me the more tragic issue is that with regular on-ear calls it cancels almost nothing so all your surrounding is very loud. Another issue is that on on-ear calls the highest volume is extremely low. With common traffic sounds it's almost impossible to understand the person that you are calling! And I know where the speaker is placed, it's not a handling error because on WhatsApp calls there is no problem with the volume!