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Pocket dialing

Star III
It's getting to the point where I'm considering replacing my z8 now because of the broken firmware that constantly turns the phone on in my pocket.
I got banned from commenting on Facebook because the phone posted hundreds of spam comments from my pocket after I turned the screen off, I pocket dial my friends and work colleagues.
Every time I take the phone out of my pocket I find settings changed, wifi hotspot turned on etc, widgets messed up. The phone constantly gets hot in my pocket and drains the battery because of this.
Does anyone know if there is anything we can do to get Asus to actually acknowledge this fault?
I've lost all confidence in their customer service team after a year of being told to try things I already tried months ago


Zen Master III
Don't put it in your pocket 😜

Star III
I noticed that for me the pocket touches almost disappeared after turning face unlock off.

Star II
Is there any app that turns the screen on when it has a notification to show? I get that sometimes and once the screen is on, the touch is also working.

Star II
In your Fingerprint settings tap on unlock device and turn off "Screen off unlock". This makes it so that your fingerprint scanner doesn't work if your screen is off.