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Phone crashes during calls with headphones

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Asus ZenFone 8 freezes, then crashes and after about 30 seconds it restarts. This occurs when using headphones (plugged to audio jack) on a call.
This thread I linked above was closed as answered but we still have no answer to this problem. I am in version and it keeps occurring. Can someone address or have answers to this issue?
Thanks for your time.

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I have had my Zenfone 8 since it was released and i have had this same issue with every update released. I am currently running Android 12 and it is still happening. The phone crashes almost every time i talk on the phone with a wired headset. I have tried several different brand headsets and it makes no difference. I have no issue with a bluetooth headset. However, i prefer to use a wired headset when i can. Please try to fix this.