Phone freezes/restarts during phone calls



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  • I have the exact same issue with my Zenfone 8, I'm also on the latest firmware version

    i'm under the impression it shuts down due to some kind of electric short circuit while in a call, and shutting down is happeing to protect the phone from further damage.

    Listening to music on the same headphone is nu issue, but any call via a 3,5 mm audio jack will always cause the phone to shut down (I also tried multiple 3,5mm jacked headsets, resulting in the same shutdown occuring while calling.) I'm following this tread to see if a solution is found.

    If I need to supply further information to help narrow down the cause I'm happy to help

    This phone having an audiojack was the main reason for me to buy it.

  • I've encountered this problem too. Talking with built-in earpiece and speaker has had no issues thus far. Talking through my car's mic & speakers via bluetooth has had no issues thus far either. A few times I have been on calls with a headset directly connected via 3.5mm jack and the phone has crashed.


  • Update: I also tried a video call using google meet with the headset connected to the 3.5mm jack and it worked fine so far. Thus, I strongly suspect that this is a software problem with the phone app (or system underpinnings) and not a hardware problem.

  • Did the latest update include a fix?

  • I've experienced this as well, on

  • I always get this while driving and answering a call while having Spotify on in the headphones. This is so frequently it's making me want to sell the phone and get a new one of a different brand. Newer seen anything remotely close to this "bug". Asus should be embarrassed with this and think hard about what kind of mark this leave on future sales..

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    I've been using the Fiio BTR3K Bluetooth Amp as a workaround for the past month, and it's worked well so far. I got it primarily for my car, but it also works well for audio in general (especially if you're using low-impedance headphones).

  • I bought my ZenFone 8 two days ago, and love the phone, but during 4 of the 8 calls I made (all this morning), the phone reset itself.

    Yes, I did use wired Headphones for each call. Phone seems to be up to date, there are no software updates available at the moment

  • @Irene2_ASUS, is any fix, or workaround, or possibly even compensation being deployed or worked on?

  • Any indications on solving this issue please! It's frustrating not being able to use the wired headset for phone calls.


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