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Overheating/battery drainage after update

Star III
I received and installed an update now in August on my ZenFone 8 and since then my phone gets very hot when it's used. Even during calls when the screen is off. Battery also drains a lot faster after the update.
Anyone else having this problem after latest update? Something I can do to solve this? I mean other than waiting for a new update that hopefully fixes the problem.

Rising Star II
The people, how much does your "Standby Mode" consume?
I have 14.4%
"Other" - 17.6
It's normal?

Rising Star I

Can confirm, lately I can barely reach 5 hours SOT just from browsing, Youtube and Whatsapp.. Dynamic system profile and the battery stats seem normal. I can barely get through my work day sometimes with more than 20%, something is seriously messed up. I hope the Android 13 update will change some things, like the new Game Master from the Zenfone 9 alongside better Advanced battery settings, that would already be neat, I could run it in low power mode and swap to High Performance for games, easy as that. Hey Asus, I'd also swap for a Zenfone 9 if that's offered xD

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For me it is really weak on the part of Asus that the new zenfone has a lot of new goodies and the old one has problems even with the battery. I understand that new model should be better than the old one, to somehow encourage customer to buy, but here I have the impression that the ZF8 is a poor cousin to the ZF9 and not last year's flagship.

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