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Notification panel broken after 31.1010.0410.61 update on Zenfone 8 Android 12

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After 31.1010.0410.61 update, my notification panel breaks if i do anything with it - toggle dark theme, swipe up to hide it, and it becomes black screen with white lines around the screen(See attached image). I
have to turn the screen on and off several times to get it back to normal. Please fix ASAP.

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Same problem on my device

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Yes, many people are having this problem. @kwei88 has followed @Gustav_ASUS 's instruction to capture the log a week ago, but disappointingly, we haven't heard any update from ASUS since then.
I even figured out a work-around (setting a smaller font, or change language), but still no signs of follow-up from them.

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That's an interesting turn of events. I'll send you instructions on how to generate a device log that I can pass on to the team. Check your Zentalk inbox.

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Any news? Thanks;)

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Pretty weird and disappointing no one from Asus is answering.

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If you're looking for a workaround which does not necessarily involve buying new glasses, you could try playing around with the "Smallest with" option in developer settings. This allows finer control over the font and display size.

When using the Duckduckgo tracking protection 393 dp seems to work for English and 414 dp for german