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Latest updates explanation

Star II
So,there was this latest update that "improved camera quality".
But,what did you exactly did? I would like to hear what are the improvements on every update,like how did you make it better that phone wont heat up so easily by firmware update? Etc,you get the point.

Yes,i'm curious about those kind of things 😅

Star II
This is a good request.
I would like to see explanations for each update.

Rising Star II
Front camera skin smoothing is still making my face fucking blurry.

Star II
The latest update (51.83) did NOT improve the thermals on Asus Camera, although it says it has. Just like before, I am still barely able to record about 6 minutes of 4k 60 fps before the camera app shuts down. And mind you, this happens at an outside temperature of about 29°C, not 35. Also, the phone continues to heat up really fast when performing usual tasks, like updating the apps. At that point it becomes uncomfortable to hold. This is already the fifth update and the overheating issue is not resolved. I do not understand the point of the updates, if they do not resolve basic stuff, like overheating. At this point it really seems like a structural problem for the ZF8, which is not fixable. I have had enough, I am returning the phone.