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Issues with bluetooth and sound output.

Star I
I have issues with sound output. when connected to bluetooth, in different devices I don't hear media playing through them, it goes to the phone speaker (even though it says it plays through bluetooth in spotify for example). sometimes after restart it works and then stops again.
Also when not using bluetooth device sometimes the media sound won't go to the speaker but only to the earphone and the volume is very low accordingly..
Anyone has a solution to this, except trying factory reset 😞 ??

Zen Master I
Hi @nirnobel,
Kindly provide more detail about your issue so that we can better assist you.
Are you on the latest firmware?
Does it work properly with a different pair of Bluetooth earphones?
Does the issue remain the same after disconnecting and reconnecting Bluetooth?
Does it happen only on Spotify or other apps too?

I have the same issues with my ROG3. My sound comes and goes at random times.. Also Bluetooth sound especially doesn't come thru devices but thru phone speakers. But I still can control the Bluetooth device

Here is the added version of Bluetooth

Star I
Hi. I experience the exact same error on my zenphone 8. Well described in previous post. Seems to have started after latest fw update about a week ago.