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How many OS updates?

Rising Star I
Would like to know how many numbers of OS update would Zenfone 8 receive and should we expect Android 12 and 13.

Just asking as I see Asus tries all the hard they can but is still really late with OS release and rollouts as per the trend.

Rising Star I
As you can see 4.23V is way lower voltage than 4.45V in ZF8 (40% operating voltage span increase!!!). I also had one Lenovo phone, which battery lasted 5 years and is still ok. Max battery voltage was also 4.2V. But all later phones charged to 4.3V or more and all degrade noticeably after year or two.
Thanks for your post, it makes sense why 5z lasted. I will definitely continue charging it only to 80% (4,3V). 50-70% is enough for one day for me.

Sorry for off topic, maybe moderator can move this posts in different topic.

Rising Star I
Pipsss.. you have wrong info about lithium ión batteries . New lithium batt is more powerfull and voltage is Higher than previous old models... Old Li ión/ poly batt have nominal voltage 3.6-3.7V and Max/charge cutout voltage IS 4.2V. New Li poly batteries - nominal voltage 3.87V and Max/charge cutout 4.35V(ZF8). please watch zenfone 8 disassembly video and see battery... So this is ok ...

Community Legend II
2 OS updates for Zenfone 8.
I will close the thread as it has derailed a bit.