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How can I unlock the bootloader?

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Hey folks

The year 2023 is ending tomorrow. How can I unlock the bootloader of my Zenfone 8 to install an alternative OS and keep the hardware alive? I don't like planned planned obsolescence.






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I would also like to know. I have ASUS's bootloader unlock tool installed on my zenfone 8, but due to Asus shutting down the servers, it no longer works. Wish I had unlocked the bootloader earlier when the tool still worked...

I had been considering upgrading to a Zenfone 10, but now I won't ever buy another ASUS phone if bootloader unlocking is not an option, which is unfortunate because I love the small size.

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Unfortunately, there is no reason to wait anymore. It's pretty clear that they do not want to give you this option. Go buy a Oneplus, pixel or motorola next time.

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It's really unfortunate especially since they said in a number of other forum posts the tool would return in Q4 2023. It's looking like I'm gonna need to switch to a different brand soon

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some recent xdaforums zenphone 8 post is your friend 😉