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Firmware missing on website?

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i wanted to download the latest firmware for my Zenfone 8, but i was unable to find it. It seems that at the whole "BIOS & FIRMWARE" tab is just gone from the website.

Am i doing something wrong, or is this a known problem with the website? Is there any way to download the latest official firmware?


Hi. I try update my phone through OTA but it does not working. Please get me link to the newest update for Asus ZenFone 8

I'll take that statement as a joke. You can't be serious. During the last system update - some security patch, the TV watching app - VodafoneTV stopped running on my Zenfone 8 ( it runs normally on Zenfone 5z), can you please explain to me how to fix this problem? Am I supposed to send my phone to the patch to reload the system? I have been a long time ASUS customer but this unfortunately makes me look around for a competitor. Keep up the good work dear ASUS.

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I understand, but I just want the latest firmware, not previous versions.  I'm not able to get from OTA as my phone has been unlocked before (now relocked).  Please advise how I could get the latest firmware.  Thanks.

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Yes same for ROG 5, I am also looking for firmware updates for my ROG 5 phone.  Please reply!

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Same problem. I've got to update firmware in ActiveCooler that won't start without it, but if i want to update cooler - i need to update whole my phone, but there's no firmware for manual update, There's only useless gamecenter update available.