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Fingerprint reader thread [Mod adjusted thread title]

Star II
Overall very happy with my ZenFone 8, but I'm running into an issue where the fingerprint reader has basically not worked properly since coming out of the box, usually telling me the sensor is "dirty" and needs to be cleaned.
I managed to get it to remember 2 thumb prints after lots and lots of effort,
It will recognize either print maybe 1 out of 10 times on the lock screen,
Deleting/re-adding the prints did not help much.
I have other phones with standard fingerprint sensors (Samsung) that work perfectly fine, so my skin is probably not the culprit here.
Note: phone is running latest software (.44) and screen is clean, no protector.
Anyone else experience a similar issue and is there a fix? I'd rather not return the phone 😞

Star I
Same here. I registrated 4 fingers And neither od them can unlock the phone on first try nor second.

Star II
Yup, same problem here - fingerprint reader very sketchy

Star III
Is very very very very bad

Star II
Same problem here, found out that pressing the screen harder raises the chance for unlocking but its still a coinflip

Same issue here. Even worse in registering new prints after applying a screen protector.