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Few more problems with ZF8

Rising Star II
I have three things i don't like in my Asus ZenFone8. All three of them persist on all FW (including latest .22).
1) I usually use Dynamic mode with fixed 120Hz dysplay refresh rate. I also have scheduled night mode from down till dusk. And I have schedule to switch Dynamic mode to Durable or Ultra-Durable when battery lewel is 20% or below. Both these Durable and Ultra-Durable have 60Hz fixed display refresh rate.
What I don't like is that DC-dimming option always automatically switched off. I mean if I used last time in Durable mode (60Hz) this DC-dimming fature, then next swich from Dynamic to Durable mode (120 -> 60) will switch this DC dimming off. In my opinion it is incorrect. I would like to have it always on for 60Hz dispaly refresh rate and that's why I always have to enable it manually each time when any system mode switches to 60Hz. I would like to have it remembered. I mean If i don't turn it manually off than it' should be always enabled for every system mode with 60Hz fixed refresh rate.
Hope this DC-dimming option behavior will be fixed in future update.

2) My phone ask me to enter PIN every morning. Like device was self-restarted, but it didn't because after entering pin everything is ok and there are no programs and their notifications appear on top bar like it usually happen when you reboot your phone. How can I check what is cause this and how to disable it? There is "hyperlink" shown on display as part of prompt which should explain me why I should enter pin, but it's not clicky, and it doesn't lead me to any explanation. So for example i go to sleep 2pm, wake up 9am, and it always ask me to enter pin.

3) If smart screen option is on, and screen off time is set to very short time (for example 15sec.) then during phone call (in default phone app) I hear that front camera is used (probably trying to recognize my eyes or face. Sometimes it is very annoying like something is scratching in front of your ear. 😄 I guess it shouldn't be used when phone is near ear and proximity sensor is used during phone call.

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