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Failed to update to WW-31.1010.0411.160

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Model Name: ZenFone 8
Firmware Version: WW_31.1010.0411.138
Rooted or not: not
Frequency of Occurrence: repeated and repeated constantly (with small pauses)

Recently my cellphone starts trying to upgrade to new firmware version (WW-31.1010.0411.160).
And it constantly fails no matter I've connected by WiFi or not.

I decided to download the upgrade and install it manually, so I got it here, from ASUS.
I already did it before for versions 122 and 138 as I had same issue with installing over a network.

However manual installation fails too!

What should I do and how to stop my phone from permanent notify/download/fail dead cycle?
It is very annoying and meaningless.

Thank you.


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WW-31.1010.0411.138  is this your current version?


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Yes, WW-31.1010.0411.138 is my current version.

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Try this A12 160 

Hi @andreyuser 


I recommend that you do a full backup of your device a complete a factory reset and try to upgrade from there.  

Additionally, I recommend that you read the following troubleshooting FAQs on how to upgrade the firmware and what to do when it fails. Thanks!