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Connection issues

Star I
Dear friends, I recently moved to asus from samsung starting with Zenfone 8. After using it for a while I found some troubles with delayed notifications, not reveiving whatsapp/telegram chat, not receiving whatsapp call and simetimes a phone call while the phone is idling. So I tried several steps that usually works on others android phone like turning off battery optimization, allowing background activities, prevent battery saver checking, using high priority notifications, and so on.
Then recently I found that when the phone being idle/the screen being lock for some times, the wi-fi still connected but it doesnt receiving any data, that keeps happenning even after the screen being awake, it take quite a moment to establish the connection. With my profession as a doctor this is quite annoying because I need recent updates, like in real time notifications and update. I also found that after the phone being idle for several period, I dont receive any phone calls, my fellow colleagues keep saying that my phone is out of reach or offline when being called using the carrier and keep "calling" (not "ringing") while being called with whatsapp. The only way to make it works is to keep waking the screen and check for the internet connection (resetting wi-fi connection, disconnect-reconnect wi-fi, restarting phone, turn on/off airplane mode and so on) which is draining my energy so much to keep attention to so many details.

Is there anyone facing the same issues?or anyone found a solution for this?please kindly help. You can also email me at

Best regards,
Thank you in advance

Rising Star I
I use Viber and I get notifications randomly. Usually within a hour if someone texted me. Apps stop running in the background. Check battery AND performance optimisation. I think the latter can overwrite the other.
Carrier hanging is not normal, I have one colleague who is often unavailable in the office but can receive SMS. I suggest replacing the sim card at the carrier (usually free of charge ) first.
Others may have more experience and suggestions.