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Call with Speaker Issue

Star I
Hey, since I have Android12 I have a SW issue I had not with A11: during a call audio quality is fantastic for me and for the people o call in every condition with internal microphone, when I switch to speaker to talk about people hear their own ECO. It is very annoying. Today 01.04.22 I updated A12 to 410.43 without any fix. Can someone say kindly to Asus that they made a wonderfull phone that with A12 is really bad with Speaker calls?

Rising Star II
I also have problem with talking in hands-free mode, people say that they hear me quiet and I have to almost yelling. 

Star I
I think it is a matter of microphones is sw, with A11 restored same device no problem. A lot of users are reporting same issue with A12 and i can not understand why Asus is not fixing this base feature issue!