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Big camera bug on .296

Rising Star II

On zf8 within .296 (latest?)

When recording video with stabilizer on, it cut the soundtrack from the end, it depends the length of the video, when it starting to do that.

This need to be fixed asap.


Let's just hope and wait for a fix.

Yes, i think that they can drop camera app from zf9/10 repository, perhaps even the sony drivers (lets hope). Even it might work, the "problem" is time, like i say, they are small team and they just launched a new zf, so there are lot of fixing to do on that device first.

Hello everyone! 


Can you confirm what length the videos that are being cut are? Also, when you say you used a stabilizer, does this mean you used the stabilization video setting or a physical stabilizer? 


Thank you! 



Hello. We mean EIS setting. 

EIS from camera settings, the lenght vary, just try and you can see.