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Asus service - summary

Rising Star I
My phone go to repair, because of suddenly dying like many others. There is post from that day:
So, phone came back from repair yesterday, it works normally, the battery works as always - ok but not great. It heats up similarly like before, but what is disturbing only in one place - next to the camera. Previously, heat was distributed over the entire surface of device. Next thing, on sides of the back, you can see that the phone was opened. Previously the color at the edges was uniformly black, now the edges are kind of transparent and there are dust spots underneath them. Premium phone ... please ... my phone not good looking anymore just because the manufacturer made a mistake at the production stage and it had to be repaired .... Sorry Asus your fault, so it should be fixed so that there are no doubts or allegations, and yet there are shortcomings ... Now something that annoyed me, when I was looking at the phone, I noticed that a few small particles of dust had fallen under the glass with the cameras. They are not too big to create problems with the pictures, but they are there and you can see them. I am slightly disappointed that the phone returned from an authorized service with something like that. Apparently, the service technician did not carefully assemble device. I pay for pro phone, so I expect pro service. Not fully professionally performed service. I am also curious how the situation with the IP68 certificate looks like after repair - I wrote to technical support on this matter, I will let you know when I get the answer. To sum up, a fault in an expensive phone that could not happen-> phone goes to repair-> phone comes back from repair with dust spots on the camera and visible signs of repair. It looks weak. My only hope is this was a one time glitch and it will never happen again. If yes, thank Asus and I will buy a different brand phone.


Rising Star II
Yeah like my post months ago, my phone came back from a ramdump repair after using it for only a month. It got pry marks around the frame, for a top brand i am def expecting top notch quality repairs but received the opposite. I shouldn't have expected anything great since my bnew phone dying after a month use is a already a huge sign not to trust this brand. Incompetent service, incompetent brand. I hope more people realize how messed up this product is.

Zen Master I
Hi @grzegorz.marucha,
I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I I will send you a PM with some follow up questions, check your Zentalk inbox.
Thank you.