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ASUS Fix for Critical Security Flaw??

Rising Star I


In light of this very severe bluetooth vulnerability: that has existed in all versions of Android since 11, is ASUS going to issue a firmware update?

Rumor is that Google's fix will go through Android Open Source Project. Meaning ASUS really wouldn't even have to patch anything, IF WE COULD SIMPLY UNLOCK OUR BOOTLOADERS... and install an AOSP rom ourselves.... In light of that fact that we cannot, that begs the question what is ASUS's official response?


Rising Star I

My apologies, I confused two separate critical security bugs. Bluetooth stack issue covered here:  and here for the zero-click exploit:

Please ASUS either update or allow us to unlock bootloader and install custom ROMs (linked story reports the bug was fixed in AOSP, which we could install on our own if we had an unlocked bootloader...)