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Android 13 update?

Star I

Sorry if it's a nag question, but i see Jan 17 as the release date. Still not getting Android 13 update.

Is there scheduled date for WW release?


Rising Star I

Just download it on your PC and copy it over to your phone over USB.

You can find the file on the ZF8 support page.

I was hoping for OTA update. Will i lose my data / app setting by flashing the downloaded FW?

It's the same thing as an OTA update, only difference is that you manually copy the file to your phone, instead of the phone downloading it on its own.

I didn't have any problems with the update, all my apps and data remained in place, but you should have a backup or a way to restore your apps anyway.

Star III

You won't lose any data, it's like a normal update. It's the same situation as it was with Android 11->12, there is no OTA because of people who don't want to get Android 13. You need to make the first update manually, next updates for A13 will come by the OTA.