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Android 12 Zenfone 8 (Feedback)

Star III
Good Morning!

I received the android 12 update on my zenfone 8, apparently everything is stable, I didn't notice any bugs or other problems, I thank the asus team for the effort.
The only point I've noticed so far, was a slight nerf on the Multi Core of the device, on android 11 with the geekbenchmark, it scores 3640 on the multi core, on the A12, I don't see it coming out of the 3300. Both tests were made with the "high performance" profile. With an optimization, I believe you will be able to resolve this issue in a quick time.

Many Thanks!

Star II
Status bar bug?
The status bar on landscape is not "stretched" and seems to infringe on the app.

On this note, can the status bar be auto hidden? Screen space is limited so it should disappear to maximize available space.

Star III
I see,Sometimes applications freezing (it's on 5 seconds) to android 12. Why is it happening?

Rising Star I
I'm still having issues with System UI hanging when watching videos in landscape. Will this be fixed?

Rising Star II
I also have this or a similar fault. I also have close messenger bubble hung icon when using other apps in full screen.

Rising Star I
Well, i also have this issue with System UI- no matters what the app is, it happens 7- 8- 10 times per day if i use the app in landscape.
Fingerprint reader is still hit or miss.
Im so fokin tired of this phone and asus's dev incompetency......