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After update 31.1010.0411.138 (2022-10-05) Location Service don't stop

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After update my ZenFone 8 to version 31.1010.0411.138 (2022-10-05) the Location Service don't stop.
It is always showing the location icon on top bar and alerting form an app cosuming much battery.
Looking the battery alert detais it shows the app Location Services.
If I turn off the the Location and turn on, it stay for a while off, but when some app uses the Location when the app is closed the Location keep on.

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Hey everyone!

As it turns out, the location icon issue is a known issue of Google. Please wait for the Google Play service to release a new update to fix this issue.

However, the temporary solution I mentioned above should help with the GPS icon.

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This fixes the issue in this thread, but it raises the issue with the light sensor again.

Hi everybody,

the light sensor of my Zenfone 8 is not working.

I noticed it because when I have adaptive brigthness ON, as soon as I lock and unlock the device, the screen gets very dim (the slider is still up, and as soon as I move it, the brightness kicks up again).

Later I tried some apps that let you read your sensors measurements. I saw that every app can read every sensor, but the light sensor, which does not give any value at all (some app shows 0 or -1, because I guess that's how the variable is initialized in the app).

Is it a hardware problem? Is it common for just the light sensor to break?

Can it be a kernel/driver/firmware/software problem? I noticed this issue after a few weeks I updated to Android 12 in July (waited long because I was not sure about the big android 12 UI...) and subsequently did all the following updates. Is there any way to detect if the problem is software with something lower level than app, like adb, and maybe solve it without sending the phone to warranty?

Thank you!

Light sensor not working
Update: light sensor still broken.

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The new update of Google Play Services (22.45.17) seems to have solved the issue

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The new update of Google Play Services (22.45.17) seems to have solved the issue

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@Rokcy98 how did u update it?
Mine is still on version 22.44.17.

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Any info when will Google release offical update for Google Play Services?