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Adaptive accent color on Android 12 / Zenfone 8

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I just recieved the Android 12 update on my Zenfone 8, and when i go to change the accent color there is no "adaptive" option, which was one of the features i was most excited about, instead i only see the usual 8 colors i could pick even before.
Did i miss something? is the menu somewhere i didn't look? is there a workaround for it?
Software version number is 31.1004.0404.55

Have a wonderful day

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The feature you're referring to was an pixel exclusive for A12 called "Material you design" it had that dynamic feature you're talking about.

A sort of android "12.5" update is expected to drop with dynamic theming support (Asus isn't listed here for some reason though) but I see no reason for Asus to not include a feature drop by Google themselves as they've said time and again that they'll follow Google's design choices as closely as possible.

Some Ui's like one ui and color os with a themestore have added dynamic theming so far apart from the pixel but it's their own take in the form of their respective themestores.

The article:

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Interesting, i think and hope Asus will implement it, however i also think the feature is already implemented, because if we as users can change the accent colors even on this latest version (even if they're pre-picked) it means whatever code is driving the UI is accepting some kind of color tag, be it a hex code or something else.
i've searched far and wide but havent found or figured out any way to change the accent color without rooting, and it would really suck to go through with all that just for such a simple thing.
have you, by any chance found some sort of workaround? i tried with ADB and i can select more colors that ASUS doesn't let you pick, even the more saturated "light mode" only colors but after rebooting it will go back to the previous selection, so the underlying code definitely is there, it's just either disabled or modified by ASUS or some other system policy/app

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I don't believe that the coolest android 12 process won't be implemented in zenfone 8, it really was what I was most waiting for.