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About call recorder (odd and unwanted behavior)

Rising Star II

I just learn that Zenfone call recorder has changing its behavior.

Firstly, it doesn't save phone number or contact name to filename anymore.

Secondly, it has separated the audio to stereo format, as for participants per track (left/right speaker). This kind of sharing of the tracks, isn't help you in any means. Old behavior was way better as it was recorded as is, mono middle.

It started using this behavior for me at least, between 27.10.2022 - 28.10.2022.

Please bring back the old behavior, or at least give us more options, like option to save those very important information about the call, to the filename.

I have now hundreds of phone record files on my backup server that are just "puhelutallenne###.aac" without any content than the audio itself. Fix this asap.


Rising Star I

Rising Star II

Oh, thats fine and it is right way 🙂 but now it needs some kind of player which read and show them :/.

I think i can make a script which read the metadata and renames the filenames and perhaps even mix the tracks to mono.