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31.1010.0410.61 face unlock problem

Star III
After last update i can't unlock my phone with my face. I can register new face with no problem but on lock screen it search for face and can't find it.
Any ideas? Anyone have similar problem?


Star I
Same problem, after latest update on Asus 8z, face unlock is not working, tried clearing cache and restarting - it did not help and even set the battery mode to dynamic, that did not help as well.

Rising Star I
I thought I bought a premium flagship device (with corresponding price!), but the issues sum up on this device. Very dissapointed. I'm very understanding, but limits are reached.
My next device will not be an Asus.

Star III

Funny how Asus support goes quiet when something big is stuffed up.. What a joke and one week on and the issue still not fixed.

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We will issue a fix for this bug in the next FOTA. Please feedback if it works okay after updating your devices.

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ASUS give official info about this problem - only need to wait for next FOTA. 

Community Legend III
A fix is coming in the next FOTA, scheduled for this month.
I'll close the thread for the time being so my reply does not get buried. I'll reopen it once the update is rolled out so you can provide your feedback.
Thanks for your patience!