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2023 Q4 started - ASUS lied -> NO BOOTLOADER UNLOCKER

Rising Star I

I think that, but this is 90% sure explaination. Older software packages also disappeared from download page. 

@Cyslawo wrote:

There will not be available bootloader unlocker. It's probably because carriers didn't like it, so they could block features like 5G, volte, vowifi. Asus had to abaddon unlocker support, to get full support and features by carriers.

I'd assume incompetence before malice. Besides what are you talking about, My ZF8 let me turn off 5G and I'm pretty sure WiFi calling is supported by my carrier T-Mobile.

Star III

This behaviour by Asus is just frustrating – I fully agree with the critique here and I will also leave Asus due to their bad support and lying around about the Q3 2023 Unlocking Tool. It is Q4 and nothing seems to be on the way … It is just another big tech company with no responsibilities to their costumers...

Star III

This does of course only discuss zenfone 9 I am becoming concerned that even if they deliver an unlocker for the zenfone 9 (and 10) will there ever be anything for the 8? 
I saw this
which makes me wonder should I give up waiting for my 8 to be unlockable.