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Zenfone 8 Flip long term use

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Anyone here have the zenfone 8 flip? What are the issues that you've encountered so far? Does it have the ramdump issues of the zenfone 8 as well? I've searched but I wasn't able to find any ramdump issue for the flip. Im planning on upgrading from my oneplus 7 pro. The flip seems like a good choice as I don't like the notch and hole punch. The big battery and 90 hz refresh also looks good on paper.


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I didn't have any issue with my ZF8 Flip for now (I've bought it secondhand in August).

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I'm an owner of zenfone8.

I wanted to share my experience with zenfone8, which was not the best so far. Here I want to tell you why, and warn you from things that you don't find in youtube reviews.

1- Generally, don't buy a phone that is very hard to sell, not a known phone brand. Less people know about Asus phones, unlike Samsung or Apple for example, which makes re-selling this phone a real tragedy.

2- The OVERHEATING issue. This phone just likes to overheat for any reason! It's back feels like metal, and with its small form factor, catching the phone in hand becomes like catching a piece of ember. And the case doesn't help neither.

I'm also afraid this will affect the lifetime of the phone. Overheating may affect the internals, and I believe the ramdump issues are because of heavy usage, which causes a lot of overheating.

3- Having the latest 888 processor is nothing fancy at all. It might be a bit faster, but it kills the battery.

4- Regarding the battery, this is another disadvantage of the small form factor. It hardly gets a day usage with less than normal usage. I'm not sure if it is the 120Hz refresh rate or something in the background, but I tried doing everything to get it improved with no use. The phone loses battery for just being idle! I lose 7-10% overnight.

5- Extra weak sides:- Fingerprint is not accurate (even after separate update for that!)- the vibration is very weak .. I don't feel the vibration of the notifications when the phone is in my pocket- it is very slippery and easily falls.- the front camera is poor.

Those who say that this phone has a small form factor without compromises are TOTALLY WRONG!

It have some cool features, but for me, those drawback just covers any good.

Go with iphone mini if you want a reliable small phone.

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