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Zenfone 8 flip - camera is fragile!

Star I
Got my new zenfone 8 flip two month ago after replacing a two years old zenfone 6 (with the flip camera).
Within few weeks I noticed two cracks on the glass of the flip camera- no impact signs and the original cover was used since day 1
I can not recall a major drop of the phone but I think there is a design problem after comparing in to the zenfone 6
On the side of the hinges there is no protection to the camera glass - that region is relatively higher then the surface of the cover comparted to the 6. if the phone falls there is no protection to the glass of the camera regardless of the type of cover used. from that to crack it is only matter of time
So for those of you considering this phone- take this into account. for me no more flips - going back to the imbedded back camera where the cover will give better protection