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Ibrahim Asus ZenFone 8 flip flops

I have Asus ZenFone 8 flip
And i have 2 problem with phone
First one over heating , & battery life
What i can do for fix it 🙂

Star I
You could try to uninstall Google update though play store,it helps reducing heat and battery drain.

Community Legend III
@ibrahimabuqubo Hard to give a good answer without further details.
As far as battery life goes, please consider using one or several of the battery care features that we provide. Switching over to ultra durable mode during the night, using dynamic charging and setting a charging limit can all help to extend battery life.

Rising Star I
Normally overheating is a sign of hardware or software issues. You will need to chk which app or process causing this.

Alternatively, just do a factory reset and see if problem persists, then slowly reinstall each and every app to see which is the culprit 😊

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I had same problems. In my case one widget was eating a lot of the battery.