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Faulty usb connector?

I'm having problems with my phone's usb connection. My phone thankfully charges without problems, but that's about only thing it does. Every pc i have tried it doesn't find the phone and i don't get any notification for usb connection. When connected...

5G in Malaysia by DNB

Malaysia has 1 and only 5G provider. It's call DNB. However, per DNB, there are no Asus phones listed as supported on their 5G network 臘As per DNB, it's up to the respective phones' manufacturers to contact them and obtain the relevant parameters to ...

smchay by Rising Star I
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Unable to downgrade Android 12 to 11

Hi, I am unable to downgrade from Android 12 to 11 by downloading official firmware and placing it in internal root directory as per instructions. Nothing happens at all and I would like to trigger the downgrade file. Thanks

8 Flip not discovering Bluetooth devices.

My 8 Flip will not find my Bluetooth JBL speaker or my Sony WH-1000MX4 headphones. If I have a pixel 6 next to the 8 Flip, the Pixel is able to see the devices. On the 8 Flip they simply do not appear as discoverable. I can successfully pair my phone...

Android Security Update Policy

What is the update policy, from Asus, regarding Android's security updates, for the 8 Flip? Does Asus guarantee a certain amount of updates, such as every other month for 2 years, every month for 3 years, etc. More and more Android headset manufactur...

Finger print and face recognition not functioning properly.

I've had an issue with finger print and face recognition on my Zenfone 8 flip. Both not functioning properly. I'm signed with mine 4 fingers to unlock device, but when I'm try to unlock with another fingers, it can unlock too..and my son can unlock w...

Budak by Star I
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My messenger app in zenfone 8 flip stop working, IDK if you also encountering this problem, any help?

Remote Shutter with Zenfone 8 flip

When I can get my remote shutter t paid with my Asus zenfone 8 flip, it does not activate the selfie cam, but tilts the cam instead. This is with the default camera app. with any other third party camera app, the remote shutter fob works fine. I ...

Dawn2 by Star I
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Need update/upgrade camera app.

Picture take from Zenfone 8 flip camera not as expected. Not really nice, sharp or detail. As well as for selfie camera, it become really worse like using 2mp or 5mp camera.. Auto mode using tripod. Left: Poco f3, right: Zenfone 8 flip.Im believe Ze...

Budak by Star I
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