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Camera bouncing on closing

Hello, does anybody have the issue of camera bouncing when I retract it after a selfie?Looking at screen when closing camera, let me see image bouncing....Thank you so much

Speaker doesn't work while calling

Hi there!!!I am Farhad from Western Steel Agency, i have been calling my clients and i am not able to hear on my phone speaker. it would great if you look into this matter urgently and reply.Thanks!

Camera does not flip after recent update

Hi, I have some issues with my ZenFone 8 Flip. After a recent update, my camera stopped flipping. I have tried to clear camera app data so far, with no result. Note that the rotation engine still works on the manual mode. I only have problems when I...

screenshot-20211202-101512928.jpg screenshot-20211202-101525797.jpg
COSS by Star I
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AppLock doesn't work

Recently I bought the ZenFone 8 flip and have tried to block some app access, however, in the version doesn't show the apps to selection as the last ones.I tried to use the same function with a Kapersky and doesn't work in the system.Today I did the ...


VoLTE on malaysia PLS TAKE NOTES

as we know,malaysia 3g will be fully shutdown on december end of this years,but on ASUS ZENFONE 8 OR ZENFONE 8 FLIP only support VoLTE on MAXIS AND UMOBILE THIS TWO TELCO...how about YES YTL,DIGI AND CELCOM?EVEN my cheap redmi note 9s can support all...

ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip 5G compatibility.

So, I am ready to buy a new phone but there's this website I saw where the seller states that the 8 Flip does not support T-Mobile's 5G network which I'm confused as to why? So, my question is for those in the U.S. and a T-Mobile carrier and the 8 Fl...

Nasgul by Star I
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There is a lot of potential on the battery.

Hi. I just wanted to share my latest battery chart because i have gotten really good durability on last 24h and probably can go for another 24h.I've enabled "power saver" on developer options and haven't used wifi or bluetooth. Wifi at least seems to...

screenshot-20211109-163305958.jpg screenshot-20211110-093118770.jpg

SD card has not works properly.

When I playing music in SD,it has often be break off and transferring files between internal storage to SD card,phone has be freezing.