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Battery drain has become HORRIBLE - 40% overnight.

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EDIT: Since I updated my Zenfone 8 Flip to the March 2023 security patch (FW v33.0210.0210.269) the battery drain seems to have been resolved, at least partially. SoT seems to have gone up and the battery consumption due to "Others" is significantly reduced, albeit not zero. It must noted that while some users reported that the issue was Bluetooth-related (at least on Zenfone 9), turning Bluetooth off (also for enhanced positioning) did not do anything in my case. Similarly, factory resetting the phone was suggested by some users as a confirmed solution but the drain persisted after this, too. 

I will make sure to keep this post up to date if the drain arises again; if no more edits are here you can assume that this issue is completely solved! 


Original post:

Battery drain in my Zenfone 8 Flip was already bad during the last few months - I can't pinpoint a precise update but during Android 12's life cycle some strange behavior started happening where "Android System" and, most importantly, "Others", would completely drain my battery in the order of 15% and 30-40% respectively. It's not an isolated case, there's a post here on ZenTalk with users complaining about this, a moderator posted a couple of times on the thread but only responded to OP, who unfortunately disappeared, so no solution was found ( Another post has recently surfaced ( where a user mentioned that the problem disappeared after they downgraded Google Play Services as it was somewhat related to Google Assistant, but it doesn't sound to me like every other phone has this horrible battery drain, so something must be happening related to the Zenfone version of Android.

However, the battery drain was still manageable, as I noticed I only needed to reboot the phone and the drain would disappear for two or three days (I tried to locate a possible trigger for the battery drain, a specific app or connecting the phone to a PC, but I wasn't able to find any pattern). Mind you, I used Accubattery to check the battery degradation and it appeared to stay now at a bit higher than 4000mAh, which is awful in just a year of use with no almost no charges at 100% and no uses till 0%.

But the drain has become more than a problem now with Android 13. I'll attach some screenshots for you, I slept 9hrs tonight and lost more than 40% of battery with the functionalities of a brick. Oh, did I mention I have the battery mode set to Durable overnight? The drain now seems consistent, I cannot solve the issue temporarily by rebooting the phone, it's just been like this since I upgraded last week. This issue HAS to be solved, having a phone that doesn't last A NIGHT is not tolerable.

To complete the set of info, my Zenfone 8 Flip is not rooted and its firmware version is 33.0210.0210.210

The issue seems to be hitting the Rog Phone 5, where this time OP does what a moderator asks them to do, but this time it's the mod who disappears ( Finally, who would have guessed, this has become a problem for Zenfone 9 users too (


Again, this is a huge issue and needs a solution as quick as possible. I hope mods will be able to help me/us, I will be as available as possible to try solutions.


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Same thing is happening to my Zenfone 8. Just yesterday tried the factory reset solution, then i went to bed with 45% battery, woke up and the phone had shutdown.

I think this is a huge problem.

Hi Vicma84, is your phone updated to the latest firmware? If not, please do so. 

Also, please follow the steps on this FAQ:

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Hi there Keren-ASUS, yes my phone is updated. Recently I tried leaving the phone in airplane mode, it didn't work. Still lost more than 40% battery overnight.

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I have the same problem. The phone is discharging quickly. At night, within 7 hours, the battery has more than 30% less power. All updates are installed. The current version is 33.0210.0210.314