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Zenfone 7 kills background apps

Star I
I have searched this forum and I was unable to find a working solution for this problem. I knows that I am not the only one with that problem but I am really dissapointed that this problem was not fixed until now. I have an app for the video doorbell that needs to be open in the background at all times so I can get a notification that someone have pressed the button. On my Zenfone 7 it is not possibile to keep that app on the background. I have all the correct settings of the battery management and still no luck. It seems that Asus is doing something wrong when it comes to the background apps. Can you make a similiar feature like Xiaomi did when you press a lock symbol on a specific app it stays open in the background at all times. Please you need to fix this.

Rising Star II
I was struggling with that in the past also but I have to say that not anymore. I set all the possible settings to performance 🙂 so no battery saver mode etc
under battery settings there's smth like Autorun manager so be sure to check your app there
you said that you disabled battery optimizations for that app => great 🙂
be sure you have notifications enabled for that app and also check if it has all the required permissions